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So! Who is Mr Healthy?

Paul Cooper MHCIMA MCFA Cert ED has experiences of Higher, Secondary and for the last 15 years working in the Primary school sector. Paul has created a dynamic, interactive and innovative teaching style. Leading the Junior Chefs Academy in over 950 different North West Primary schools to an excess of 50,000 children a year Paul delivered unique, refreshing and educational hands on cookery workshops.

What will Mr Healthy do?

With a qualified coaching, teaching and nutritional background, who better to entrust with your children’s lifestyle learning experience. A firm believer in the WOW factor let Mr Healthy your lifestyle coach, excite, enthral and educate your children into making smarter nutritional choices.

Mr. Healthy thinks;

We should move more, think smart, and eat smart!

PHYSICALLY you should always warm up, workout, and warm down. If you move to the left you must move to the right. There are 650 muscles in the body, use them all. It takes 250 muscles to take one step, so take 2. Deep breathing is vital, oxygen from the air converts glucose sugar in the muscles to energy. When we tire, 6 sharp intakes of air will bring back your recovery. Muscles move our bones, bones make us stand, bones protect vital organs, and bone’s are for life. Respect your body and it will respect you right back!

NUTRITIONALLY you are what you eat. As my mother always says “everything in moderation”, a little bit of what you like with a lot of what your body needs, isn’t such a bad thing. A healthy balanced diet, mindful eating, reducing salt and sugar levels and making smarter nutritional choices are lifestyle responsibilities. Why have 5 a day, when it’s easy to get 7? Have fun with food!

MENTAL HEALTH IS REAL WEALTH! The ability to identify, understand, express and control feelings is essential for the early intervention of children’s mental ill health. Reinforcing the safe and secure environment, the safeguarding network protection and the power of talk are vital to their achieving mental resilience. Resilience being their word of the week as the many coping strategies are reviewed. Worries of the future, problems of the past are kicked out as our children are encouraged to live life in the present as we manage the mind.

A healthy diet, equals a healthy body, equals a healthy mind, equals a healthy lifestyle!


Balance your lifestyle…

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