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Move more eat smart!

A Mr Healthy session is;

A one hour, fun, food focused, educational workout, the learning being designed to extend beyond the session. Mr Healthy is a fair-trade business champion, eco friendly, krazy kitchen science conscious, award winning obesity attacking lifestyle coach. Guaranteed to send out the correct messages and deliver the WOW factor. The day is easy to organise, based around your day, flexibility is the Mr Healthy way!

A Mr Healthy session will;

Coach your children to make smarter nutritional choices in a safe, secure and informative environment. Your child will learn what food is, why we eat, how we eat, what nutrients are, what nutrients do, where nutrients are found, what a balanced diet is, why we need a balanced diet and how to achieve a balanced diet. With clearly defined aims, objectives and lesson plans ( please download ). Mr Healthy is fully Ofsted…able. So don’t delay phone today!

Mr Healthy Teaherzone
Pasta makes you go faster!
You are what you eat!

Why a Mr Healthy session?

The government have announced 1 in 3 primary School leavers are obese, a shocking fact.

After extensive research scientists have proven a child who eats a healthy balanced diet will have;

  • Better concentration levels.
  • Better problem solving skills.
  • Better eye to hand co-ordination.
  • Better performance and behavioural patterns.

Let mr healthy coach your children to move more and make smarter nutritional choices. the wow and feel good factor are guaranteed.

– Mr Healthy